Annagenia, born in 1990, studies experimental photography at the art college in Kassel and works as an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on social structures and subcultural topics. Her projects often move at the intersection of art, documentation and journalism. As a member of Generation Y and a child of the working class, her interests lie primarily in dealing with social norms, questions about work and mental health, selfcare, ecofeminism, her Dachshund Hermann, art business and the struggle for survival as a so-called "artist". Her projects are based on personal experiences and are often preceded by long, intensive research. Her methods are humour based on pain, an amateurish approach to photography and a recurring questioning of power structures as well as a strategic rejection of the "technically perfect photo".  As an artist, she would describe herself as a thematic mixture of sentimental punk and angry hippie, but visually wrapped in a quirky coat covered with tribals from 2001.

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