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The photo series explores the increasing phenomenon of loneliness and the strong desire of many people to escape this loneliness through a romantic partnership. However, the search for the "right" person or "true love" often proves to be a challenge. I connected with individuals who had placed online ads seeking a partner. I went to their homes to gain deeper insights into the individuals behind these advertisements.This resulted in a documentary project that portrays individuals in their intimate environments, offering insights into their personal desires, daily lives, and challenges.

lonelyheartsad (1).jpg

Auf diese Fotografin hat die Welt gewartet(2023)


Arabellastraße 5 (2018)

Nature One (ongoing)


lonely hearts ad (2016)


Packback (2020)

Das sagt sich so einfach nicht (2022)

Um das Pflegebett herum (2023)

Wearing my burnout as a badge of honour (2022)


Gold suchen (coming soon)


Feiertag (2018)


Quick and easy to burn (2019)


Driving home for christmas (2012)


To Travel Is To Live (2019)

Liebe deine Arbeit (ongoing)


Mein Traumberuf (coming soon)

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